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Reducing emissions from diesel engines is one of the most important air quality challenges facing our country. Even with more stringent heavy-duty highway and off-road engine standards set to take effect over the next decade, over the next twenty years, millions of diesel engines already in use will continue to emit large amounts of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM), both of which contribute to serious public health problems. Nonroad diesel engines can contribute significantly to the levels of PM and NOx in the air. In recent years, EPA has set emissions standards for engines used in most new construction equipment. These problems are manifested by thousands of instances of premature mortality, hundreds of thousands of asthma attacks, millions of lost work days, and numerous other health impacts.

Building on the successes of EPA, CARB and state, city and local regulatory mandates along with voluntary efforts to reduce emissions from diesel engines, companies are working to reduce the pollution emitted from diesel engines across the country through the implementation of varied control strategies and the aggressive involvement of national, state, and local partners.

In the Northeast Region, EGS has a keen awareness and excellent relationships with government actors as well as with the on & off-road commercial industry which are mandated by the constraints of NYC Local Laws 77, 38, 39, 40 & 41, Westchester, Rockland, New York State, New Jersey Clean Soot Law, Connecticut's & Massachusetts new Clean Air Laws. EGS offers its brand, engineering, consultant, distributorship, warehousing and installation services which are based on a record of providing technical solutions to environmental problems. This brand is based on bringing together various environmental solutions and emissions control tools to meet customer needs. Our staff has played a valuable asset to many projects. EGS prides itself on reliable, prompt and courteous service, and on its ability to deliver.

EGS understands diesel emissions, retrofits and air quality issues and will help create effective responses. With a growing public awareness of emissions from diesel engines, and with EGS's know-how and understanding, we will assist in reducing emissions, improving air quality, and addressing private sector needs and concerns by our cost-effective strategies.

Best Available Technology (BAT) can only be effective with the proper assistance and guidance through engineering and knowledge and of local laws expertise.

"How to Choose a Retrofit?"

First rule is there are no rules-each circumstance is unique (engine, application, reduction target) and so are the decision parameters.

There are, however, common questions

  • What is my emissions reduction goal?
  • What is the cost of the available technologies?
  • What is the cost to implement these technologies in my application?
  • What is the cost effectiveness of the technology? ($/ton)
  • What is the lead time to develop effective strategies for the start of your contract?

E Global Solutions does not "just sell a part". We provide complete solutions for our partners--engineering, law requirements, technology, data logging, vehicle specifications, installation and filter cleaning services. We say "partners" because our success depends on your success and by working together, we can reach excellence.