• Reducing Emissions from Diesel Engines
  • More Stringent Heavy-Duty Highway and Off-Road Standards
  • Regulatory Mandates
  • Best Available Technology (BAT) is utilization of a device which shall achieve the greatest reduction in emissions of particulate matter and shall in no event result in an increase in the emissions of either particulate matter or nitrogen oxides.

Many people have seen first hand the pollution and black soot which are released from the exhaust pipes of trucks, buses, buildings and construction equipment. E Global Solutions, Inc. (EGS) will assist and guide you through the process of regulatory mandates and state, city and local laws.

Each business is mandated to clean the pollutants from their diesel engines. Best Available Technology (BAT) can only be effective with the proper assistance and guidance through engineering and knowledge of local laws expertise.

E Global Solutions does not "just sell a part". We provide complete solutions for our partners -- engineering, law requirements, technology, data logging, vehicle specifications, installation and filter cleaning services. We say "partners" because our success depends on your success and by working together, we can reach excellence.