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Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

Active Diesel Particulate Filter (ADPF)

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Active Diesel Particulate Filter (ADPF)

Any application in which it cannot be guaranteed that the exhaust gas conditions will be suitable for a passively regenerating. Almost system will require some active regeneration Almost all active filter regeneration techniques operate by raising the temperature of the filter to approximately 600C. This is the temperature at which the particulate matter (PM) collected in the filter will combust rapidly in oxygen.

Our two-filter ADPF system, are dimensioned and sized in function with equipment engine power. The reason for duplication of these filters is simple: while one monolith is filtering; the other monolith is regenerated by "furnace effect". What is called "furnace effect" is the same effect which is used in a electrical regeneration system. It consists of bringing an extreme flow of heat with a small quantity of air in order to realize a furnace-like upstream to the filter and to blow the quantity of air to start the combustion. The repartition of the exhaust gases is realized by means of controlled valves. The heat is obtained by means of a diesel oil burner. The air supply comes from an auxiliary air pump. The system is electronically controlled; and the main input parameters to manage the complete system are backpressure and temperature. All the while the system is monitoring if a filter needs to be regenerated.